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ATX Women to Watch
Woman to Watch: Kimberly Olson

Nationally renowned social-media expert Kimberly Olson created multidimensional brand The Goal Digger Girl to serves female entrepreneurs. Sponsored Content, Photo by Romina Olson Nationally renowned social-media…

The Gatekeepers

When it comes to female-founded startups receiving funding, these three angel investors in Austin are out to convince the world women business owners have nowhere to…

Small-business Road Blocks

Ellen Wood, co-founder and CEO of vcfo, shares how to avoid the most common financial—and non financial—pitfalls startups make. By Sommer Brugal, Photo courtesy of Ellen…

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Down Home Ranch is a place where those with intellectual disabilities can live their lives to the fullest.  By Madison Matous, Photo by Courtney Runn In…

Handmade Beginnings

Paula Foore and Carla Crownover, owners of Springdale Handmade, share the story of how they turned their mutual hobby into a flourishing business. By Madison Matous,…

A Scoop of Sweetness

The Tasty Spoon serves locally sourced, handcrafted gelato in flavors suitable for every sweet tooth. By Amanda Pinney, Photos by Logan Crable and Gilbert Trevino Tucked into…

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