Nationally renowned social-media expert Kimberly Olson created multidimensional brand The Goal Digger Girl to serves female entrepreneurs.

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Nationally renowned social-media expert Kimberly Olson created a multidimensional brand that serves female entrepreneurs through small-group coaching, focused work-shops and a whole lot of training for how to build successfully on social media. She walked away from corporate America when she realized she wasn’t able to build the type of life she wanted for herself and her family, and she hasn’t looked back since. Olson launched her brand, The Goal Digger Girl, in early 2018 because she wanted to find a way to build her business online in a genuine and authentic way. She went from zero followers on social media to almost 100,000 in about a year. She is the author of The Goal Digger, which reached No. 1 on Amazon’s bestsellers list in three different categories, and hosts a weekly podcast called The Goal Digger Girl. You can find her on social media @TheGoalDiggerGirl.



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