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Every business owner needs a helping hand at some point whether it’s a freelance web developer, working capital or social media templates. Backd Business Funding is “gifting” its top digital resources to benefit your business.

Buffer | Social Media Planner

Most businesses these days have some form of social media presence, sometimes across multiple channels. Make it easier on yourself by joining Buffer, a social media planner that allows you to create and queue social media posts in bulk for multiple channels and have them scheduled based on your followers’ best times for engagement.

Upwork | Freelancer Marketplace

Many small to medium-sized businesses don’t always have the resources to hire full-time employees for different functions. Enter Upwork, the marketplace for freelancers from design to accounting to IT development. The best part is you can hire short-term or long-term based on your business needs.

Backd | Alternative Business Financing

At some point, every business requires working capital to keep growing. Backd provides the fastest and easiest way to get funding up to $2M with flexible terms, same-day decisions, and an experience tailored to your unique business. Apply now!

Canva | Graphic Design Tool

Visuals are essential to businesses, whether creating flyers, social media posts or visuals for email marketing. This graphic design tool is easy to use and provides templates and full customization for your creative needs.

We hope these resources add value to your business. Don’t forget to check us out at Backd Business Funding!


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