It’s already Day 3 at SXSW! Things get sassy and with superstars and heroes alike.

By Austin Woman magazine, photos by Anne Cox and Cy White

Lizzo Keynote

If there’s any keynote speaker who could create a line that stretches all the way outside, down two flights of stairs and into the next floor, it’s Lizzo. If you don’t know who Lizzo is by now, you definitely haven’t been on the internet in a couple years. “The 3x-GRAMMY Award winning superstar Lizzo has become a household name with well over 6 billion global streams and a Platinum-selling debut album to date.” (SXSW).

It was completely clear after the first 10 minutes she was here to do three things: promote her new show, Watch Out for the Big Grrrls; promote self-love; and have FUN! This isn’t her first time at SXSW by any means. A member of the audience brought up how her first-ever SXSW performance was to a room of 20-30 people. She has come an extremely long way in a relatively short amount of time, and was even tearing up at the size of the audience as she walked on stage.

“I have shown the world that I am valuable I am worthy.”

Beyond her dynamic stage presence and ability to captivate every single audience she stands in front of, Lizzo is a warm person with a vibrant soul. Her life’s purpose has been to impart positivity in all its forms. The phrase “body icon” popped up several times during the conversation. It’s a moniker she didn’t give herself, but it’s one she wears proudly. Truly, the keynote was more than just a way to kick off the music portion of SXSW.

This was an opportunity for every person in the room to embrace themselves. She spoke particularly to big Black womxn in the room. Even for fear of the phrase losing its meaning, self-love is very real. Lizzo made it clear: She wants every single one of us to own it, speak it, live it. Truly one of the most profound sessions of the SXSW thus far.

The SXSW Creative Industries Expo

What happens when you cross innovative technology, free swag and arcade games? The annual SXSW Creative Industries Expo! This is the largest exhibition at SXSW each year with discovery and awe-inspiring technology around every corner. From space tourism to disposable underwear, there is truly something here for everyone. The Creative Industries Expo is open from 10-5 until March 16th, so don’t miss it!

Superstars and Superheroes Experience

At the beginning of this experience, an enthusiastic greeter asks you a very important question: “Are you a superstar? Or a Superhero?” Choose wisely!

Prime Video put on the Superstars and Superheroes Experience. The streaming service is releasing two new shows this year: Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls and a new season of The Boys.

The Superstars and Superheroes Experience is definitely a do-not-miss event. After choosing which door/tunnel to go through, you’re welcomed into a carnival-like environment with live music, three bars, swag and food stands and even a carousel! There’s also a two-story salon set up where you can have your hair or nails done, or get a relaxing hand massage. (Watch out for the big currrrls!) As you arrive, you’re given a wristband with two free drink tickets, a meal ticket and two snack tickets. You’re also given a card to exchange for free swag, which is actually three different swag items: a tote, a hat and a pin.

Originally this event was supposed to end on Monday, but due to its popularity it was extended through Tuesday.


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