In what she’s touted as her most important record, R&B and soul songstress Mélat delivers on her promise of “soulful serenity” with “The Now.”


By Cy White, Photos courtesy of Mélat

Coming on the edges of soft wind, Mélat’s “The Now (Sweet Love No.9)” sighs and soothes the soul with its sweetness. The Ethiopian-American vocalist always delivers on the promises her song titles offer. “The Now” is no exception, taking listeners on a journey of complete calm. The lavender-scented hue of this self-care anthem really does evoke images of lazy Sundays spent lounging in the buttery warmth of spring sunshine. A gentle breeze dances along the skin, carding its fingers through your hair.

The mellowest of mellows, “The Now” entices listeners to lean into something soft. Take time away from the grind to truly embrace love.

Mélat’s voice soars like the crystalline ecstasy of Minnie Riperton (“Loving You”) or Amel Larrieux (“For Real”) but grounds the listener like the delicate veritas of Lianne La Havas (“Green Papaya”). “The Now” takes all the aspects of Mélat’s vocal performance that fans have come to adore. There’s the calm lilt of her tone that lends itself so perfectly to something insistent on the potency of love (note the reference to the now-proverbial “Love Potion No.9”). The intimacy of her vocal, close enough to kiss the microphone, is the perfect complement to the yearning in the lyrics. Mélat urges her lover to “touch my soul, of my body take control.” To, if only for a moment, embrace the rapture of being surrounded by love.

So let’s live in love
live in love
for the ever-present moment.
And let’s make love
sweet love
for every other moment.

The video itself is a form of self-care and, dare I say, self-indulgence. Our golden-haired, honey-voiced protagonist has taken her own advice and decided to live in the moment. She walks in clad in comfortable loungewear, hair casually pulled up into a puff with a peach-colored scarf. Surrounding herself with symbols of comfort: multicolored roses, chocolate cookies and frosted animal crackers. She sips on a glass of white wine while putting together a Mélat puzzle. A plate of fresh strawberries sits within reach. Simple pleasures that allow her a moment of decadence. A moment to truly live in “The Now.”

“The Now (Sweet Love No.9)” is the precursor to Mélat’s upcoming album and sets off a series of interesting future releases. In fact, she’s started a Patreon page for her fans to truly support her vision for her upcoming project.

An artist who strives for human connection, Mélat has carved an impressive path for herself among her R&B peers. With her latest single, fans and newcomers alike will find something truly comforting to fall into. Beyond entertainment, she has succeeded in bringing audiences together to rally behind one cause: love. As she says so eloquently, “The future’s not promised, and the past has abandoned us. The only thing we can trust is what’s in front of us.”

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