Day 2 at SXSW was one of great connections and new discoveries.

By Austin Woman magazine, Photos by Anne Cox

On day 2 of SXSW 2022, the Austin Woman staff partook in some very interesting conversations. From panels movie premiers, SXSW officially found its groove.

Blockchain Creative Labs @ SXSW

As one of the key sponsors of SXSW 2022, the Blockchain Creative Labs brings one of the most anticipated interactive spaces. This event was open to badge holders and non-badge holders alike. Upon arrival, attendees were given a wrist with two free drink tickets. There was a full bar, space for panelists and an immersive blockchain experience. A unique installation that resulted in the collection of a free NFT token.

This experience allowed those dedicated enough to wait in the long line the chance to listen to a full song from a SXSW artist, then claim the associated NFT token directly into their crypto wallet.

But attendee beware! To participate in this experience one would already need their wallet set up and some Etherium (a common cryptocurrency used to purchase NFTs). To best enjoy the Blockchain Creative Labs, we recommend you already have the basics of crypto and NFTs down.

The Trip An Atlanta Cafe

Next up\, “The Trip: An Atlanta Cafe” experience. Organizers advertised this promotional event as a “full-sensory, transportive pop-up.”

Meant to give attendees a glimpse into the next season of the FX Emmy Award-winning series Atlanta, starring Donald Glover.

Taking place in the two-story church-themed bar Higher Ground, the experience’s first level acted as a regular diner-themed coffee shop. Attendees, after waiting through line, chose from a menu of themed coffee drinks.

On the next floor, things got a little more interesting. Paintings on the stairs, multiple TV screens showing static or psychedelic imagery, tables and chairs “melting” into the floor and, of course, a person dressed in a Dalmatian costume. (Every house needs one!)

The bartender (who was not actually able to serve drinks) would also give each attendee an Atlanta-themed prize. I saw a few options ranging from tote bags to reusable straws.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed there wasn’t more to do. The line for this experience stretched all the way down the street. It didn’t seem worth hours in line for those without badges.


Starring Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto, WeCrashed is an inside look at the rise and fall of WeWork, the iconic co-working company and brand that made $47 billion in less than a decade. At the center of it all, the love story between Adam and Rebekah Neumann. The premiere of the first episode was held at the Paramount Theatre with the principal cast in attendance. The entire series will be available March 18 to stream on Apple TV+.

The Slack Digital HQ Experience

Our favorite work chatroom, Slack, gave visitors coming in from the cold a wonderful way to warm up and make connections. One can’t go wrong with an open bar mixing tasty (and colorful) cocktails. But this was more than just the opportunity to sample the pomegranate mule. Those who visited were welcomed with a photo op on an elevated office chair (next to a very excited unicorn). Moving through the lounge, those with badges got the opportunity to open a door on the wall of prizes to win everything from customized journals to AirPods! Ultimately, the Slack Digital HQ Experience allowed people to make meaningful connections. Sitting next to one of the powerful heaters, networking was a thankfully warm invitation.


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