Three SoulCycle instructors share their secrets to good health.

By Lauren Jones, Photos courtesy of SoulCycle

As the first month of 2018 comes to a close, many of us are still working toward accomplishing our New Year’s resolutions. Austin Woman recently sat down with three SoulCycle instructors to hear how they stay in shape, plus get a glimpse into their daily routines.

Austin Woman: Do you prefer working out in the morning or in the evening?

Rachel Rivas: Morning. I love the feeling of getting my workout in before I start my day.

Rachel Rivas

Christy Hibler: At SoulCycle, we call the early morning classes “roosters.” I love the roosters and the evening classes. Early morning classes get your day started on the right foot, while evening classes are great when you need to sweat out whatever happened during your day. No matter which, it’s always a party on a bike!

AW: Describe your workout routine.

Nicole Turchi: I teach 10 SoulCycle classes per week, which takes up most of my workout routine. Outside of the studio, I take restorative yoga classes to counter all of the high-intensity work I do.

AW: In addition to teaching at SoulCycle, what else do you do to stay healthy?

NT: I’m a firm believer that mental health is just as important as physical health, so I meditate regularly. I also love reading books related to the health of the mind and body. Two of my favorite [books]are Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith and The Angry Therapist by John Kim.

RR: Restorative yoga is my new obsession. I think we forget how important it is to stretch after riding all week long. It’s such a gentle way to get into yoga and good for the mind too. I also have recently discovered protein balls. They’re super easy to make at home, and I usually grab two to three on my way out the door to keep my energy up.

Nicole Turchi

CH: Naps, treats and community. Sleep is essential for my recovery and happiness, so I sneak a nap in almost every day. Treats make me happy. Diets are not for me and are not sustainable. I eat balanced to fuel my body, and that includes treats. Community is key to keep me motivated. You can’t ditch or oversleep if you have a sweat date to get through the workout with you.

AW: What are your favorite aspects about teaching at SoulCycle?

NT: I love that my career and my passions are totally aligned. I absolutely love music, movement, dancing and all things inspirational. I get to combine all of those things when I teach a class. It’s truly my dream job.

CH: For me, and many, SoulCycle feels like home. At SoulCycle, we encourage you to show up just as you are. I remember being so nervous going into SoulCycle instructor training in New York City and wondering if I was the right fit. SoulCycle celebrates diversity and discovering the best version of yourself. Our doors are always open to anyone looking for a space to feel, laugh, love and cry. You just have to show up.

AW: What do you think makes SoulCycle stand out from other spin studios in town?

NT: The experience at SoulCycle is unlike any other studio I’ve been to. The moment you walk in, you’re immediately noticed and welcomed, which I find really special. The instructors are so passionate. We go through an incredibly competitive process to get on the podium and that is definitely reflected in all of our classes.

Christy Hibler

CH: Community. Nothing about our community feels competitive or exclusive. I love that SoulCycle values hospitality and human connection. SoulCycle strives to be the best part of peoples’ day.

AW: List your favorite spin playlist.

RR: “Best Friend” by Sofi Tukker, “Begin Again” by Knife Party, “All the Stars” by Kendrick Lamar and SZA, “Rivers (I’ll Take Care of You)” by Matt Nash and “Electric Love” (Oliver remix) by Børns.

NT: “Cosmic Love” (Seven Lions remix) by Florence and the Machine, “Jump” by Rihanna, “Standing on the Sun” (Tiesto remix) by Beyoncé, “Alive” by Sia and “Beautiful World” by Coldplay.

CH: “Filthy” by Justin Timberlake, “B.O.B.” by OutKast, “XXX” by I See Monstas, “Dreams” by The Cranberries and “Crew Love” by Drake.



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