Here’s how SoulCycle instructor Lauren Bruker stays in shape.

By Gretchen M. Sanders, Photos courtesy of SoulCycle

When SoulCycle landed in Austin last September, Lauren Bruker barely had time to unpack her bags before she earned the reputation as the preferred instructor among the indoor-cycling chain’s new local groupies. The 30-year-old dance major, who has been teaching fitness for 10 years, moved to Texas a few months ago to help open SoulCycle’s first Austin location, at The Domain.

The pedal-powered workout, with its noisy nightclub feel in a windowless, candlelit studio, is one of  the hottest spin classes on the market and has somewhat of a cult following nationwide. Austin Woman asked Bruker how she stays fit and healthy when she brakes—pun intended—from one of her popular spin sessions.

The A.M. 
“I cuddle with my animals first thing every morning. When my alarm goes off, I pull my dog close to me for about two minutes. Then I go downstairs and play with my cat. My animals ground me with their unconditional love. After that, but before my fiancé wakes up, I make coffee and check the news. I treasure the early morning when I have the house to myself.”

The Diet
“I make an effort to have three sitdown meals a day. It keeps me from constant snacking. I love to cook, so I make oatmeal for breakfast and then I try for balanced eating the rest of the day. If I have a salad for lunch, then pizza for dinner is totally OK. I like Larabars, toast and Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter for snacks. Hydration is key, so I keep a water bottle on me always. Oh, I have a big sweet tooth, and I can’t wait to try Amy’s Ice Creams!”

The Workout
“I like yoga and Pilates when I’m not doing SoulCycle, but my newfound love is running. I just signed up for my first half marathon, so I go for 3-mile runs during the week and a 7-mile run on the weekends. I love the freedom of running outside, straight from my front door without having to track class time or make a playlist.”

The Mindset
“I go for balance with food and exercise. If I workout hard, I rest hard. I also believe people should sweat once a day, in the yard, in a SoulCycle class or wherever. It just feels good to sweat. On rest days, a little something is better than nothing. Do a one-minute plank, a pushup or walk to dinner. The important thing is to move a little bit every day. It doesn’t have to be a workout; just move.”

The Motivation
“I get so much pleasure from working out. I can answer emails, run errands, go grocery shopping and do everything better after some exercise. It makes me feel sexy and good in my body, and then I feel great in the clothes I wear. I think it really affects how I present myself. I believe if you take a little time for yourself every day, then you will be more patient, perform better at your job, have more follow through and more fun!”

The P.M.
“I fall asleep watching reruns of Friends, Sex and the City or The Office. I’ve seen them a thousand times. It’s a mindless, guilty pleasure that gets me ready for bed.”

The Gear
“I wear SoulCycle shoes and gear when I’m at work. Away from work, I like fitness clothing that has a fashion component. It’s just more fun. My Outdoor Voices leggings paired with my favorite rock-’n’-roll T-shirt and Nike running shoes have become my go-to workout attire. I also love Adidas clothes and anything that has a cool, retro feel.”

Her playlist
1. RoboCop by Kanye West
2. Superpower by Beyoncé
3. The Greatest by Sia
4. Closer by JMR
5. Objectum Sexuality by Big Boi
6. Clique by Kanye West, Jay Z and Big Sean
7. Sweet Life by Frank Ocean
8. Gooey by Glass Animals
9. Better Love by Foxes
10. Same Old Blues by Phantogram
11. Holy Key by DJ Khaled
12. How Deep is Your Love by Calvin Harris
13. Dancing on My Own by Robyn


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