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Young and Restless

Two college students, Angela Jin and Nishiki Maredia, channeled their love for boy band One Direction into a social justice movement. By Kat Sampson Entrepreneurs Angela…

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The Human Connection

Elaine Garza, the cool and collected chief behind Giant Noise, the public-relations behemoth she founded more than 10 years ago, has mastered the art of engaging…

Roll for Your Soul

Here’s how SoulCycle instructor Lauren Bruker stays in shape. By Gretchen M. Sanders, Photos courtesy of SoulCycle When SoulCycle landed in Austin last September, Lauren Bruker…

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Dirty Jobs

Put on your hard hat and step into the lives of four Austin women taking on industries that have historically lacked a woman’s approach. From pest…

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The Smart Girls Have Arrived

Meredith Walker is a woman on a mission. As the executive director of Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, headquartered in Austin, and with the help of Poehler…

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