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Shayda Torabi is the co-founder and CEO of Restart CBD, Texas’ premier cannabis brand. Born and raised in Austin, Torabi founded Restart in 2018 alongside her two younger sisters after using CBD for years to personally help manage her pain after an auto-pedestrian accident in 2015. Since launching, Torabi and her sisters have earned the name #CBDsisters, becoming one of the leading educators and retailers of cannabis in the industry.

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Q: For those of us who are new to CBD, how exactly does it work?

Torabi: I’ll stick to the basics and hopefully stir up some curiosity, for anyone interested in more education, please feel free to reach out to us @RESTARTCBD on Instagram for more information! CBD is a cannabinoid called cannabidiol, and everybody’s body has an endocannabinoid system. It works off the CB2 receptors in your endocannabinoid system which affect inflammation and pain. CBD is just one of over 160 different cannabinoids that exist in the cannabis plant naturally, and when you consume cannabis, it plays off of those receptors in your body to produce effects. THC (another cannabinoid you might be more familiar with) and CBD are not the same, so when you take CBD you are not taking THC and vice versa. CBD is known to be more for inflammation and pain, whereas THC is known to be more psychoactive.

The biggest question I get asked is will CBD make me “high.” The answer is no! However, some products will contain a legal limit of <.3% THC, which some believe helps “activate” the effects. But we sell CBD with and without that THC depending on your preference. The key is there are a ton of different products, and finding the right dose for your condition will take some workability to ultimately find what works best for you and your body. Start low and increase incrementally until you find a solution that works for you.

Q: Could you go into a little bit of your own experience with CBD?

Torabi: I’ve been a longtime THC consumer, but my experience with CBD really began when I was going through recovery from an auto-pedestrian accident in 2015. I was in my mid-twenties and faced with lingering chronic pain. The remedies being presented to me were steroid injections, pain medication and my doctor even suggested surgery could be an option. Knowing I didn’t want to get surgery, which could cause other complications, or continuing to refill my pain medication prescriptions, my mother actually suggested I try CBD as a plant-based alternative to traditional recovery. While I was familiar with THC, I had no experience or education with CBD and had to explore different products, dosages and applications to find a combination that would provide me the relief I was seeking.

My personal experience was unique in the sense that the market for CBD was very sparse in 2015, so I had to truly do some self-exploration with the products. It also wasn’t immediate. I try to highlight for people that CBD can work upon the first dose, depending on what they’re taking it for. But I do encourage them to give CBD a fair chance by talking to an expert who can fit them into the right protocol for how to approach CBD for their specific needs. And give it time! Anywhere from two to three weeks of consistent use to see effects is my pro tip.

Q: What are the lasting benefits?

Torabi: CBD is known to help balance and regulate your body’s endocannabinoid system. This includes better sleep, less anxiousness and reduced inflammation. Some people are looking for a quick fix or immediate relief, which could be achieved, but you need to understand that it is all dependent on the quality of the product the dose, and your own body’s biochemistry. So be patient and consistent. Journal the first few days/times you try a new product so you have a reference for how the product is working for your body and adjust from there. As cannabis in general becomes more federally legal, there are more opportunities for research. We’re learning about new cannabinoids and applications frequently.

Q: Gummies, oils, topicals, smokables… Where do I start?

Torabi: I like to have this conversation by starting with explaining bioavailability. When you inhale something (i.e., smoking) versus digest something (i.e., edible) there are going to be different effects. One metabolizes through your digestive system while the other hits your lungs, and therefore bloodstream, much faster. In my personal opinion, yes you want to be considerate that gummies may take a longer time to take effect. So if you’re looking for something faster acting, you may want to try a sublingual oil or something you drink that can absorb in your mouth much quicker than an edible. Alternatively, if you don’t want to smoke or don’t enjoy it, there are many ways to benefit from CBD that are more compatible with your consumption preferences.

Personally, I use all of the consumption methods. I have figured out my dosages and tolerance, so I can comfortably explore different products based on what works best for my body. While I enjoy sublingual oil as my before-bed nighttime routine every day, I also use a topical from time to time if there is isolated pain somewhere. For example the area the accident affected still flares up every once in a while.

Additionally, I will occasionally add in an edible if I’m really feeling inflamed or stressed. I also like to vape because it is fast-acting, so when I need a mood boost I know I can grab my vape pen and get the immediate relief I’m seeking. The point is, there is no predefined limit or combination. You will need to explore what you feel most comfortable with, and that’s the best place to begin.

Q: Where can we find Restart CBD products?

Torabi: We are sold and ship nationwide from our website RestartCBD.com. You can shop 24/7 from the comfort of your home. Call our shop at 512.843.7223 if you have questions about anything, or DM us on instagram @RESTARTCBD. If you are in the Austin area, you can come visit our retail location in North Austin near The Domain at 2521 Rutland Drive #150A.



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