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Y’all should come and meet April. This native Austinite has been a BMW enthusiast for nearly 20 years and has been a successful competitive driver since 2018. She holds the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) record for M2s, beating out faster cars on the track with astute driving instincts and she is such a cool, down-to-earth person.

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When asked what got her into cars, April mentioned having been around them since childhood. Her mom drove a ’64 manual Corvette, and she would watch Viper, a TV series that ran back in the ’90s, with her dad. She also says that she got her dream car at 15, a convertible BMW 330Ci…which she’s kept for 18 years!

What does she drive now? A new 2021 BMW M2 Competition, nicknamed “Furiosa2.0,” upgraded from her previous M2. Now outfitted in a striking hot-pink wrap, this car is the reason seat belts were invented. Why pink? Because it increases horsepower.

When not on the racetrack, this polymath splits her time between crafting, flute performing, getting her hands dirty under the hood of her cars, and she is also a children’s math and science author.

Riding shotgun in this car with April might soon be added as Six Flags’ main attraction, but you’d have a tough time convincing Birdie the Poodle, April’s main girl, who usually occupies that spot. If you see them zipping around town, be sure to say hello…if you can catch them.



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