A Q&A with Jeanne Teshler, co-Founder and co-CEO

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Jeanne Teshler talks about how RaaS99, a digital platform that supports cancer recovery the 99% of time patients are away from the clinic, can help improve access and outcomes for all women fighting breast cancer.

Q. There is a growing body of literature talking about the disparities of outcome between white women and women of color. What are some of the causes?

A. There are a lot of factors, including lack of access to quality care, delayed diagnosis, social determinants of health, biologic differences, and bias in the healthcare system. Even though there isn’t a single factor that’s easily addressed, the theme is “Access.” Women of color have less access to information, quality care, and support. We want to fix that.

Q. How can digital tools, like RaaS99, help erase outcome differences?

A. Digital solutions are typically mobile, meaning anyone with a smart phone—and that is now close to 90% of the population—can easily access care and resources. Mobile health solutions increase access to knowledge, support, and quality care because the access point is always with the person. 

Q. How will the RaaS99 platform help erase disparities in breast cancer outcomes?

A. We are addressing the needs of the patient the 99% of time she is away from care. This allows us to walk with her through treatment and recovery and offer specific help in three areas: knowledge, finances, and family and community support. Because we are always with the patient, no matter who she is or where she lives, we can help her get the right information, be connected to help when needed, and deliver the kind of support she needs 24/7.

Q. Is RaaS99 currently available?

A. There is a tremendous amount of technology going into this platform, and we are working hard to deliver it early next year. We have stellar strategic partnerships with local and national cancer groups, clinics, and companies who provide cancer relief products and services. We are raising capital, as well. We are excited about what we will bring to the cancer fight!

Q. Where are you in terms of your capital raise?

A. We are presenting to various venture capital and private equity groups. We also have an open crowd investing campaign on Republic, which continues until the end of February. The investment minimum is $150, which is a great way for people who are interested in investing to get in at a low price point and join a great cause. 

Q. How can people learn more about RaaS99?

A. If you’re interested in investing, head to Republic.com/RaaS99. You can also visit our website at RaaS99.com to learn more about our amazing platform.


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