Satiate your sweet tooth at this renovated East Austin institution.

By Danielle Ransom, Photos by Nicolai McCrary

Prohibition Creamery - Austin Woman Magazine

Ever wondered how ice cream mixed with Bourbon would taste? Well, daydream no more. Prohibition Creamery brings the two fine delicacies together in the sweetest matrimony possible. The shop opened July 19 and features a mouthwatering menu that hits all the right taste-bud spots, serving everything with a little sugar and spice—and some booze mixed in for good measure.

Prohibition Creamery - milkshake - Austin Woman MagazineOur recommendation: Your first treat should be the Connoisseur Sundae, a delightful twist on the traditional sundae. Starting with a scoop of salted caramel, tiramisu and whiskey chocolate ice cream, the sundae is then topped with hand-whipped cream and Valrhona chocolate sauce, both of which are made in-house.

The alcohol infusions don’t start and end with the ice cream, though. In addition to serving Austin-based Cuvée Coffee, beer and a nice Lambrusco wine to pair with your sangria sorbet, Prohibition Creamery boasts a thirst-quenching list of exclusive, mixologist-crafted cocktails.

The laid-back interior of the space, located off East Seventh Street (tucked between Vintage Heart Coffee and popular weekend brunch spot Takoba), is just as entrancing as the ice-cream parlor’s menu. The modest curb appeal belies the chic décor inside, which includes dark oak hardwood floors and dim lighting that create an intimate yet open atmosphere, inviting guests to sit back and enjoy their decadent treats. An elegant yet approachable 1920s Prohibition-era vibe is entrenched in every corner of this fine establishment.

It’s hard to find something sweeter than ice cream, but Owner Laura Aidan’s attitude comes pretty close. She personally contributed to the interiors by hand-polishing the bar’s backsplash mirrors to take on an antiquated, tarnished aesthetic.

For those less inclined to mix booze with sweets, there are also plenty of alcohol-free options—like peanut butter and jelly or peach ice cream—to enjoy guilt-free.


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