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Recipe Reveal Lemon and Lavender

Oatmeal & Company’s lemon lavender cookies are this summer’s designated treat. By Jennifer Xia, Photo courtesy of Oatmeal & Company. Darian Washington is everything. The…

Clearly Confident

CEO Shuronda Robinson discusses the importance of communication and mindfulness in business. Photo by Dwayne Hills. In 1995 Adisa Communications served its first client, the Austin…

A Chat with Mikaila Ulmer

The 15-year-old CEO Mikaila Ulmer shares her entrepreneurial journey, details about her new book and social responsibility. by Ariana Arredondo, Photos courtesy of Me and the…

ATX Woman to Watch Lee Caldwell - Woman to Watch - Romina Olson - Austin Woman Magazine
Woman to Watch: Lee Caldwell

Lee Caldwell helps entrepreneurs develop marketing strategies to maximize their online sales and teaches people the importance of financial literacy. Sponsored Content, Photo by Taylor Prinsen…

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