Fitness fanatic Kelly Faldyn has a theory about how to stay fit.

By Gretchen M. Sanders

Kelly Faldyn only wears orange these days. Ever since the 37-year-old exercise enthusiast became the studio manager of Orangetheory Fitness on South Lamar Boulevard, she’s been a walking billboard for what she says is the best one-hour workout in the country “We offer a full-body workout that’s half cardio and half strength,” says Faldyn, who loves group fitness and has 10 years of experience working as a personal trainer.

Faldyn has a master’s degree in sports management from Texas State University and worked for many years at Wild Basin Fitness before getting into the business end of things at Orangetheory.

“I like the results-driven aspect of Orangetheory,” she says, noting that participants wear a heart-rate monitor to class and can see their data reflected in real time on a large screen. “I also like the high energy and fun feel of the workout.”

Orangetheory got its name partly because it started in Florida, a place famous for oranges. The creators of the workout also claim there’s real science behind it—a theory.

Depending on the day, a typical Orangetheory workout will focus on building endurance, strength or power using treadmills, medicine balls, water rowers, TRX bands, step-up benches and more to tone muscles. Faldyn, who got hooked after taking advantage of a free trial in 2015, says people can burn anywhere from 500 to 1,000 calories in an hour.

“It’s high-intensity interval training, but the magic happens post-workout,” she says, adding that participants will continue to burn calories for as long as 36 hours after class.

Faldyn says it takes about three classes a week for six weeks to see real results.

Orangetheory Fitness now has 11 locations throughout Austin, with three more set to open later this year.

Membership packages are available at different price points, and there’s also a drop-in option.
Here’s how the hardworking Faldyn keeps herself looking fit in orange.

“I wake up staring at my daughter. She’s the first one up in our house every morning, and she likes to snuggle with me in bed until I drive her to school. I head to the studio after that, and I try to read something inspirational before I start working.”

The Workout:
“I do about three Orangetheory workouts a week and then weights and cardio at home on the other days. We don’t recommend going to Orangetheory every day, so I use my phone [to track]interval training, doing burpees or running in place when I’m not in the studio. If my kids and job allow it, I like to get away for a barre or cycle class when I can.”

The Diet:
“I eat all kinds of food, but I feel the best when I eat healthy things. I love good sources of protein, and I like sushi when I want to splurge. I prefer to save my calories for wine than to eat dessert. I’ve also got this trick I use to stay hydrated where I wear eight rubber bands on my hand, and as I drink glasses of water throughout the day, I shift the rubber bands to my other hand.”

The Gear:
“I’m an orange ambassador. You will only see me wearing orange. My closet has turned orange. When I exercise, I like to wear Adidas running shoes, tights and a workout top with a sports bra underneath. It’s all orange. Some people do Orangetheory workouts in shorts, and that’s fine too. The studio is dark with orange lighting, so really, wear what’s comfortable.”

The Motivation: “My children motivate me. I want to keep up with them, and I want them to see me living a healthy lifestyle. I want them to see me making good choices with food and how I spend my time. I want them to see me happy. I believe that when we look good, we feel good. I see a difference in my mood on the days when I haven’t worked out. I’m just a better mother, friend and manager when I exercise.”

The Mindset: “I can accept failure, but I cannot accept not trying. I tell myself that I don’t have to workout; I get to workout. It’s a blessing that I can do something so good for myself. Not everyone can. Believe in yourself. Show up, push your body and be proud of how far you have come.”

The P.M.: “I always kiss my babies on the forehead before I go to bed. I like to have dinner with my family in the evening, and then I usually have a bath and about 30 minutes of ‘me’ time before lights out.”


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