Picnik’s grass-fed butter coffee is much more than just a midday pickup.

By Elizabeth Ucles, Photos courtesy of Picnik

Coffee is a staple in almost every woman’s day-to-day life. From the cup of joe that’s sipped slowly to kick off the workday to the second or third cup that’s guzzled to avoid a midday crash, coffee energizes us when we need it most. Although these bursts of energy revive us, we oftentimes experience with them what we’ll call jittery hand syndrome or an upset stomach and an assortment of other caffeine-related side effects. So, where should a gal turn in search of an alternative pick-me-up? One woman says the answer lies in grass-fed butter coffee.

Drink this: grass-fed butter coffee

Not that: regular coffee

Says who: Naomi Seifter, founder of Picnik, an Austin-based health-focused restaurant that began as a food truck on South Lamar Boulevard in 2013. Seifter started Picnik out of necessity. After growing up plagued by various food allergies, she recognized a lack of accessibility to healing foods in the marketplace. In 2014, Seifter added coffees to the menu, brews that were based on coffees she’d make for herself, those rich in high-quality fats as the base. Organic coffee combined with grass-fed butter and MCT oil are part of the Picnik beverage menu that has created a cult following, attracting caffeine aficionados in droves and cementing the backbone of the company, which has a new brick-and-mortar location on North Burnet Road.

Why: Aside from the second wind coffee gives its consumers, the drink has also been linked to reducing health risks such as cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes, according to some in the medical community. However, there’s no denying coffee is not the kindest beverage to those with a weak stomach, often causing bloating and heartburn. Seifter says the high-quality saturated fats found in her grass-fed butter coffee cater to a wider array of dietary needs.

Bye bye, bloating

The combination of grass-fed butter and MCT oil—a derivative of coconut oil—help rid the negative effects of regular coffee. “When you combine those two ingredients in conjunction with coffee, it’s really powerful because it helps your body with the absorption of the caffeine,” Seifter says. “When you have a regular cup of coffee, you’ll get a little bit jittery and your stomach will get a little weird, but the fat just helps with the assimilation of the caffeine, so you don’t have those same negative side effects that I’ve seen in my experience.”

Staying fit

“Caffeine on its own can sometimes be little bit of an appetite suppressant, but when you add the high-quality saturated fats, it helps that even more,” Seifter says. Picnik customers rave that their 7 a.m. coffee keeps their stomachs satisfied until close to 2 p.m. “It helps people stay lean and trim and it helps facilitate other weight-loss programs. People who are fans of sugar-free diets or the ketogenic diet can use any of our drinks.”

MCT magic

“MCT oil on its own is very powerful for cognitive function,” Seifter says. The medicinal boosts of MCT oil in Seifter’s grass-fed butter coffee make it that much more bene cial than regular coffee.

Starbucks who?

Seifter explains the butter and MCT oil in the coffee leave a sort of silky feel in the mouth. However, easy add-ins like grass-fed whey protein and grass-fed collagen egg yolk help make the texture creamy and frothy. “We have chocolate-based drinks on our menu, but rather than using Hershey’s chocolate syrup, we use raw cacao butter and raw cacao powder, which are the components of raw chocolate,” Seifter says, citing an example of a natural sweeter she uses. “And that’s what we blend into our drinks with maple syrup and it tastes just like a normal mocha, but you get the health benefits of antioxidant-rich cacao.”


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