Owner and manager of Benold’s Jewelers

By Lauren Jones, Photo by Courtney Runn

Maria Aguirre was thrilled when she became the owner of Benold’s Jewelers in June 2017. For 88 years, Benold’s has been a part of the Austin community, and family-run for most of its history. When Aguirre took over, it was an honor and an affirmation of her dedication. She’s been with the store for 18 years, moving from sales to buying to managing, and feels her success can be attributed to her commitment to customer service, like texting pictures of jewelry options to customers, and meticulous organization. Aguirre credits Benold’s longevity to its ability to adapt, acknowledgement of its experienced staff , focus on growing customer relationships and selection of jewelry for every occasion and budget. Today, Aguirre is exploring different ways to introduce a new group of Austinites to Benold’s Jewelers, which includes partnering with local charities.



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