Whip up a delicious dairy-free sweet treat this summer.

By Kat Barclay, Photo by Courtney Runn

Rachel Horesovsky and Moni Burgin’s dessert-focused food truck, Milky Way Shakes, has become the go-to spot for those who have embraced a plant-based diet in Austin. After the pair worked as chocolatiers in Washington, D.C., best friends Horesovsky and Burgin picked up and headed to Austin to open the city’s first food truck serving vegan milkshakes, located just outside Spider House north of the University of Texas campus.

Founded in September 2017, Milky Way Shakes features a milkshake menu—essentially a black hole of fun, astronomy-themed treats—that includes creative concoctions made from almond milk and coconut-milk ice cream. One shake that continues to bring people to the food truck’s front yard is the Oreo Borealis, the perfect treat to satisfy any sweet tooth this summer.

Get the Recipe for the Oreo Borealis Shake


1 cup of vegan vanilla or chocolate ice cream (Pro tip: Use a local brand like NadaMoo! or Sweet Ritual.)

1/2 cup almond milk (Pro tip: Milky Way Shakes uses Almond Breeze.)

1/4 teaspoon mint extract

5 to 6 Oreos, crushed (Fun fact: Oreos are vegan.)

Vegan whipped cream, for garnish (Pro tip: Use local brand Whole Foods 365.)


1.Blend the ice cream, almond milk and mint extract together, adding in the crushed Oreos last.

2. Garnish the shake with Oreo crumbles and vegan whipped cream.


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