Becky Nichols started Loving Libbie Memorial Foundation to provide comfort foods to kids with cancer in memory of her daughter, Libbie.

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Becky Nichols - Loving Libbie Memorial Foundation

Becky Nichols is the executive director of Loving Libbie Memorial Foundation, a 501(c)(3) she started in memory of her daughter, Libbie, who passed away from leukemia at age 5. Nichols has dedicated her life to easing the pain for other families by providing comfort foods to kids with cancer. In 2006, Nichols opened Bountiful Bakery and Café and started her foundation simultaneously, and they grew up together. Eight years later, she closed the bakery to devote her full focus to the foundation. Since then, her story has been heard throughout the nation. The foundation has been featured on NBC Nightly News, and Libbie’s Famous Mac and Cheese will soon be sold at H-E-B stores. The foundation’s proceeds from Libbie’s Famous Mac and Cheese sales will provide more mac and cheese to kids with cancer as they undergo cancer treatments in pediatric hospitals and clinics throughout Texas.


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