Nancy Rodill is combatting child sex trafficking through Texas Women for Children, her initiative for like-minded Texas women to engage in the fight.

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Nancy Rodill

Nancy Rodill is challenging conventions to stop child sex trafficking. Before confronting the world of child-sexual exploitation, she launched and grew small divisions of large luxury companies in New York City. She’s now thriving in Austin, and her dynamic and candid attitude drives the efforts of the Texas office of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Most recently, she created Texas Women for Children, an initiative for like-minded Texas women to engage in the fight against these heinous crimes. TWC will host events and conferences to educate, engage and empower members about protecting children from abduction and sexual exploitation. Rodill believes every child deserves a safe childhood, and as the mother of a fierce 6-year-old daughter, she wants Texas to be a safer place for all children.


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