Personal trainer and nutrition coach

By Lauren Jones, Photo by Courtney Runn

Laine Tvrdik started Nutrition and Fitness by Laine to help her clients “find their strong” and love the bodies they have. With more than 30 years of experience and a family of her own, she helps moms prioritize their health and take control of unhealthy patterns. For her personal-training sessions and boot camps, Tvrdik comes to the client, bringing equipment, workouts and encouragement. She believes fitness and nutrition go hand in hand and helps her clients incorporate meal planning into their lifestyles. For Tvrdik, it’s not about being skinny but about being healthy and strong. She knows what works for one mom may not work for another, so she’s committed to working with her clients to develop personalized plans. To develop a personal boot camp, dive into meal planning or get started with a 12-week weight-loss program, contact Tvrdik at


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