Owners of Kitchun Grainfree Food Co.

By Lauren Jones, Photo by Courtney Runn

Kitchun Grainfree Food Co. is the brainchild of friends and pastry chefs Gloriana Koll and Keesha Waits. The two met in culinary school more than a decade ago and founded Kitchun in 2015. Within a year, Kitchun was the firrst-place winner in the H-E-B Quest for Texas Best contest, with its signature line, No-Grain-Ola, now available at H-E-B. The stunning win was a key milestone and turning point for the startup brand. Koll and Waits met Phiderika Foust, a consumer-packaged-goods and venture-capital veteran and former Food Network executive, who shared their vision and soon became their business partner. With plans for national expansion and a growing line of innovative new products, it’s clear success is only beginning for the trio. In creating delicious products that are actually better for you, Kitchun’s goal is to become its customers’ go-to snack brand.



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