Joy Nunn and Mackenzie Nunn, president and vice president of AMT Lifetime Financial, are a mother-daughter duo aiming to help individuals and families pursue their financial goals.

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A boutique and family-owned financial firm, AMT Lifetime Financial provides services dedicated to helping individuals and families pursue their financial goals and prepare for a stress-free retirement. Joy Nunn, president and founder, creates retirement planning strategies that enable clients to live their golden years in a comfortable and affordable lifestyle. She analyzes current income and assets, projects future income streams and works with clients on how to grow and protect their estates for themselves and their loved ones. Mackenzie Nunn, Joy Nunn’s daughter, the vice president of college funding, has a passion for working with forward-thinking young professionals and growing families who are financially preparing for life’s major milestones and college educations. This dynamic and passionate mother-daughter duo’s mission is to help educate the community and their clients with personal customer service and valuable knowledge in order to piece together the best possible financial future.



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