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Tinkergarten Fall Treasure Hunt

September 27, 2021

Tinkergarten, the innovator in outdoor learning, is now open for enrollment for the Fall Treasure Hunt class series. This series is designed to engage kids in the kind of wondering, exploring, imagining, and problem-solving that helps them develop focus, a core Tinkergarten (and life!) skill. To kids, it will all feel like joyful, autumn outdoor play! Some classes that can be expected this season are What is Treasure, The Four Elements, and Treasuring our Earth.
The at-home program for Fall Treasure Hunt will start on September 27th and will run for 12 weeks. Families can sign up here to join the fun!

Tinkergarten’s expert-designed curriculum is engineered to help kids develop eight key skills, including creativity, persistence and problem solving, and provides guidance for families to help foster a child’s lifelong connection to the outdoors and love of learning. Numerous studies link exposure to nature with enhanced physical, social and cognitive outcomes for kids. And because the outdoors is both calming and stimulating for kids, it provides an ideal environment for learning. As a direct response to the continued challenges faced by parents amid the global pandemic, Tinkergarten’s year-round programming, including the upcoming Camp Tinkergarten summer class series, is now designed to be accessed on the go and features a new product experience to ensure every family can engage in outdoor learning with their children in a meaningful way:

  • Comprehensive learning program: In addition to weekly live instruction, parents get an archive of valuable resources and how-to guides to help them reinforce and sustain kids’ learning, in and out of class.
  • My Tinkergarten: Families are equipped with a new toolset to access at-home curriculum, and a portfolio to document and track their child’s play and progress.
  • Access to the vibrant OutdoorsAll4 parent community: Thousands of families and educators can connect to learn and share methods of incorporating outdoor play into the family’s routine all year long.


September 27, 2021

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