Check out these tips for achieving the perfect shape.

Written and styled by McKenzy Windham, Photos by Maggie Rester, Modeled by Brynne Carter

The Stylist: Mckenzy Windham

“I am a makeup artist that specializes in eyebrow shaping utilizing a hand-tweezing technique. While most people use waxing, I have developed my own unique style of shaping that allows for precision while maintaining the integrity of the skin. The result: You leave with full, elongated brows customized to your facial structure.”

The appointment:

An appointment with Windham consists of:

  • a consultation
  • the shaping
  • a discussion about the best methods to enhance brows with makeup
  • what maintenance looks like moving forward

“With the consultation,” she says, “each client is educated on the uniqueness of their brows and what they should look like, according to their facial structure. No two people have matching brows and nobody’s own two brows are even identical. We all have asymmetrical faces, so the goal is to restore the brows to their natural asymmetry rather than ghting them to change or match perfectly.”

Why tweezing?:

“I use hand-tweezing and trimming to achieve a full and elongated shape that beautifully complements an individual’s face,” she says. “It’s the only hair-removal method that allows for precision while maintaining the integrity of the skin. [There’s] no repetitive pulling or tearing like waxing and threading typically do. Other methods are too hard to control and tear down the elasticity in the already delicate skin around the eye area. With hand-tweezing, I can pick and choose each hair to perfect the brow line.”

Pro tip: 

Were you not graced with thick eyebrows? Try using a growth serum or supplements to accelerate the growth process. Eyebrow tinting may also be a helpful antidote to weak brows.

Do yourself a favor:

Hide your tweezers, grow out your brows for a few weeks and consult an expert about the framework to your face.


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