Future Front Texas announced their rebranding on June 3.


By Monica Godinez, Photos courtesy of Future Front Texas

Future Front Texas better reflects the work, values and mission of the communities it’s a part of. While they have rebranded from Boss Babe ATX, their work and mission remain the same. For Future Front Texas a lot of their organization is “about the imagination space; [imagining]what it would be like if they created spaces where women and queer folks were supported.”

At Future Front they “nurture creativity, community-building and professional resilience in Texas.”

We got the chance to speak with Jane Hervey, founding executive director and Sydney Greene, founding culture officer. 

What is the significance of the name Future Front Texas?

JH: For Future Front, we want to imagine a space where creativity is nurtured and where representation was more possible. [The name] Future Front Texas captures that, it allows people to imagine what it looks like to put [ourselves], [our]communities and the creative and small business community that we are a part of at the front. 

What led you to make the decision to rebrand?

JH: This has been a two-year process of collaborating with our new board and staff members to really figure out what direction we wanted to take the organization in. For two years we [analyzed]different data and a lot of what we discovered from our surveys was that people had a genuine interest and love for what we do but didn’t always feel seen by the language and terminology that we used. We felt the same way that some of our work was getting obscured by a term like Boss Babes. It didn’t fully encompass us. The term Boss Babes was bigger than us. We wanted our name to reflect what our mission was and to better reflect the communities we are a part of. Check out our instagram post (HYPERLINK TO IG POST) that goes into further detail about our decision to rebrand. 

Tell us more about what Future Front Texas hopes to accomplish with this rebranding? 

SG: My hope is that this rebranding not only makes our community feel supported and excited about where we’re going as an organization. But that it also brings folks in from other communities that we might not have established relationships with. We want people to feel included and excited about the personal and professional growth they’re going to embark on when they join this beautiful space and community we’ve worked so hard to create and sustain so we can see people grow. 

Does the rebranding of Future Front Texas better reflect the wants and needs of its members?

SG: Absolutely! When we were going through the process of choosing a new name, we wanted something that reflected not only who we were in the current moment. But also where we’re going as an organization and as a community. The beauty of this work is that we’re building a future that hasn’t existed before. A future where women, femme and LGBTQ+ leaders are at the forefront of their work and have the support they need to be strong leaders in the spaces they occupy. We also wanted to make sure Texas was included in our name. It not only speaks to the people we serve. But it also reminds us that many of us call this place home. Therefore, we want to see it thrive through real, representative culture change. 

Given that you will continue to uphold all your original values/work, are there any new goals you are aiming to achieve? If so, could you give an example of how you would hope to achieve this?

SG: A personal goal of mine is to reach out beyond Austin and bring our work to different areas of Texas. It can be easy to get stuck in what I call the “Austin bubble,” and solely focus on the great work coming out of this area of Texas. But there are beautiful things that are happening all around Texas. My hope is that those communities feel connected and supported by our organization. That they are able to utilize our resources to help them grow and thrive. Our programming at Future Front Texas is top-notch. I want to make sure everyone, from all over Texas, is not only aware of what we have to offer. But they also actively engages with our programming and feels welcome in this space. (I highly recommend becoming a Future Front Texas member to explore our programming more in-depth!)

Learn more about Future Front Texas at their website.


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