Benold’s jewelry is celebrating 90 years of sparkling in Austin. Meet three women on their team that keep the gems sparkly and customers happy.

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Benold's jewelry - Elizabeth Taylor, Rachel Newcomb and Hallie Braje

With knowledge and creativity, Benold’s gives each guest walking through the door the best it has to offer. With 285 years of combined jewelry experience, the Benold’s staff is able to find your forever ring, help build a jewelry wardrobe or simply give you advice on redesigning your heirloom jewelry. Elizabeth Taylor has been a familiar face for four decades. She has helped with servicing all your jewelry needs, and she always does so with a smile. Rachel Newcomb, with her contagious laugh, is sure to liven up any experience at Benold’s. She brings humor and technological knowledge to keep Benold’s up to date with today’s evolving market. Hallie Braje is the graduate gemologist on staff for 23 years. She helps customers identify and design new pieces and redesign existing jewelry. Other important members of Benold’s not pictured include Maria Aguirre, Patti White, Norma Amaro and Sharon Gentry.


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