Ernestine Lammers is the founder of Kanti Goods, a mother-daughter business owned by women.

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Ernestine Lammers - Kanti Goods

Ernestine Lammers is the founder of Kanti Goods, a socially minded and mission-driven mother-daughter business owned by women that supports other women and artisans globally. Many of Kanti Goods’ products, jewelry and accessories come from organizations that give opportunities to underprivileged women and small-scale craftspeople, artisans and entrepreneaurs while encouraging the use of local materials and fair-production methods. Lammers’ goal is to support these women and small-scale artists throughout the world by providing them with jobs so their families and communities can thrive. Kanti means “beautiful” in the ancient lanuage of Sanskrit, and each of these beautiful goods is infused with a beautiful story.


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