Entrepreneur Brizy Tait is the woman behind natural skin-care line Little Roseberry.

By Abigail Rosenthal, Photos courtesy of Brizy Tait

Brizy Tait and her son

Necessity is the mother of invention, and entrepreneur Brizy Tait embodies this. A mom and cosmetologist with a background in biochemical engineering, she set out to launch her own skin-care line after seeing how dry her then 3-year-old son’s bath products left his skin. From that moment, Tait was on a mission to find a product that was both natural and nourishing.

“We bought every single brand, no kidding,” Tait recalls. “We tested them and they all felt the same. I dissected the ingredient list and realized they were almost like cookie cutters, just swapping one ingredient for another.”

When a solution didn’t present itself, the determined Tait took matters into her own hands. Already the owner of three local beauty shops, Tait decided to create her own bath-and-body line for children.

“I wanted to make something that was really unique for my kiddo,” Tait says.

   From that, Little Roseberry was born, a line of natural skin-care products featuring hydrating fruit and vegetable oils.

 “A lot of the time, companies don’t use all the healthy oils that your skin actually needs,” Tait says.    

Tait’s background helped from the very beginning as she began working with an FDA-approved lab.

“You can make products, but you need to understand pH…and how to do stability testing and microbiology testing and everything that’s done in a certified lab,” Tait says. “I was just very picky about what was going in there and about talking to the chemists in my lab.”

While developing her first two products, a shampoo and body-wash combination and a lotion, Tait reveled in the experience.

“I like learning,” Tait says. “I think if I just went from my college degree to this, not having my experience in the beauty stores and actually testing products left and right, it would have been a lot more difficult.”

Tait began testing her first two products with friends and family, and soon customers in her stores starting purchasing them for their own children. Today, Little Roseberry products are sold nationwide.

“I’m just really fortunate that parents love my products and that people believe in the dream I started,” Tait says. “I’m able to provide for my family and for other women’s families.”

Since Little Roseberry was founded, the company has grown from Tait and a couple of interns to a team of almost 10, with mostly women working behind the scenes.

“Slowly but surely, as we’re building and growing, we’re getting more people involved, and that makes me very happy,” Tait says.

Tait is now planning to expand her line by adding skin-care products for teenagers, a choice inspired by the mothers who model for Little Roseberry’s website. She’s also been exploring other avenues, such as introducing vitamins and chemical-free menstruation products, with the hope of widening Little Roseberry’s reach.

“I’m not going to be a person who will just bring you something because I want to make cash,” Tait says. “I want to give you something that’s going to work for you.”


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