Teresa Robertson shares red flags to look out for when shopping for lash extensions.

Sponsored Content, By Teresa Robertson of ATX Volume Lash & Brow

Have you ever seen some crazy lash extensions? You know the ones: spidery, plastic-looking, unfathomably thick and way too long! How is this still happening? Have you ever looked at those kinds of extensions (hopefully not too awkwardly long) and thought to yourself, “Nope, they’re not for me.” We don’t blame you. 

When you see crazy work like that, there are several elements at play: 

1. You get what you pay for in lots of ways regarding eyelash extensions. The lash extensions themselves could be of a poor quality, giving them that plastic look. Sometimes cheaper extensions will also mean they may not hold their curl as well either.

2. The lash tech may be trying to cut corners with the brand of lashes, adhesives and so on. They don’t always pass that savings on to the client. Some do and if it’s too good of a price, the quality of product may be a reason why. Some stylists do like to start with a lower pricing if they are just building their clientele, but look at their work and see if you like what you see.

3. Another way some stylists cut cost is by doing the service too fast to get more clients in. A full set of lash extensions should take at least 90 minutes to apply if the stylist is experienced and as long as 120 minutes to apply if she is still building speed or likes to take her time. This is with classic lashes. Allow for extra time for any volume, mega volume or hybrid lashes. When cutting time, lash techs can sometimes damage your natural lashes because they are working too fast for the adhesive to dry on one lash before they place another extension on. They aren’t taking time to isolate or separate. Refills after two weeks should take 30 minutes to an hour, and longer with more time in between appointments. 

4. In the case of volume lashes with prices that are too good to be true, they may be using premade cluster lashes. These extensions have already been glued together at the base. When these are used, the added adhesive meant to adhere them to your natural lashes makes for a bulky base. Handmade fans are slower to apply but they have only been dipped in adhesive once, which makes the base of the fan slimmer and gives a cleaner lash-line look with no clumps. 

There are better options, safe, more natural-looking options, even glam-bam options that don’t look too heavy or plastic-like. 

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