We do the work, and you just look fabulous and enjoy your new look!

By Teresa Robertson of ATX Volume Lash & Brow, Sponsored content

They are the icing on the cake, the finishing touch, the game changer. Eyelash extensions are completely customizable if you go to the right place. A great eyelash salon will have almost too many options to choose from, and that is where experience steps in to help you. There are varying lengths, thickness, curls, designs and styles of applications to match your eye shape and even your lifestyle. Stylists will take into consideration your natural eyelashes and what you can safely carry on them. One size on one client may look completely different on another client based on the shape of the eye, how deep the eyes are set, the brow shape, the distance between the lash line and the brows, whether there’s a hooded lid and so on.

Eyelash speciality salons are those that primarily focus on doing extensions. So, naturally, their stylists are more than likely to be masters of their craft. After assessing your natural lashes and asking about your lifestyle, these stylists can determine the best overall look with the right shape and type of application.

Your lifestyle plays a role in how to decide what is best for your lash-extension selection. For example, do you normally wear a lot of eye makeup? Do you wear eyeliner? What type of eyeliner do you wear? Gel eyeliners can gum up the lash line. How do you wear your eyeliner? Do you workout? Do you sweat a lot? Do you use a sauna or take hot-yoga classes? Do you take supplements that promote hair growth? What is your beauty routine and what type of products do you use to wash your face, remove makeup and moisturize with?

There is so much that plays a role in determining the best experience with lash extensions for the stylists. For a client, it’s much easier. We do the work and you just look fabulous and enjoy your new look. We will explain the aftercare and how to best maintain your new lashes.

There are three types of application: classic, volume and hybrid. Classic lashes include one extension to natural eyelashes. Volume lashes include a fan of fine lashes (not clusters) that are handmade during the application. They include three to six very fine lash extensions per fan that are applied to your individual natural lashes. Hybrid lashes are a mixture of both classic and volume. The appeal of hybrid lashes is you get some fluffiness from the volume without the extended fill time of a full-volume fill, which takes longer. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see photos of the different applications.

The result: confidence! You’ve been educated on the process. You’ve sought out the best in the industry. You save time on your morning routine. You look more awake and refreshed. You will get compliments. You’ll have great-looking eyes all the time. In some cases, you can wear them for as long as 10 years without damage and have them still look awesome!

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