April Aguilar, master trainer at Amazing Lash Studio, answers some questions about lash extensions. 

By Phaedra Rogers, Sponsored Content 

What can I expect before, during and after getting lash extensions? 

The first appointment is the longest, so you’ll want to make sure you have time. You’ll want to discuss your goals and eyelash options before getting started. Once you and your stylist decide on the look best suited for your eye shape, the transformation begins. The stylist applies the extensions to the upper lashes while you’re lying on a table with your eyes closed. We want our guests to enjoy the process, which is why we have lash suites tailored for relaxation, complete with massage tables and ambient music. Some guests like to listen to podcasts, playlists or take a lash nap. Once the lashes are applied, you’ll need to take a little extra care of them for the first 48 hours while the adhesive cures. After the extensions are set, you can carry on with your normal routine while enjoying your new look. 

How much time does this take and how much does it cost? 

With so many types of lashes to choose from, you’ll want to allocate about 90 to 120 minutes for your first appointment. Refills are recommended about every two to three weeks, with visits lasting 45 to 60 minutes. Everyone has different rates, but Amazing Lash Studio has several payment options to choose from. 

I’m not sure I want someone working so close to my eyes. Is it safe? 

Hygiene and the integrity of our guests’ lashes are our No. 1 priority. Just about anyone with a certification can apply lash extensions, so it’s essential that you’re going to a reliable studio. Our stylists receive extensive training through a patented process designed just for Amazing Lash Studio. It’s not enough to just pass a test; stylists are required to advance to a high level of expertise. Everyone’s eyes are different, and so are their lashes. Some are naturally thick, some are naturally curved and some are sparse. Because of that, different extensions are better suited for different people, depending on the look they want. Amazing Lash Studio makes sure the client’s extensions are compatible with the natural lashes from the beginning, and we tailor the look from there. 

Are you interested in eyelash extensions? Choose from one of four customizable eyelash styles at Amazing Lash Studio. We have seven studios in the Austin area. Visit amazinglashstudio.com to find the location nearest you. 


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