Blogger Sam Lauron shares the lessons she’s learned interviewing some of Austin’s most impressive small-business owners.

By Lauren Jones, Photo courtesy of Sam Lauron

Sam Lauron

For Sam Lauron, sitting down with Kendall Antonelli of Antonelli’s Cheese Shop or Mariska Nicholson, founder of famed skin-care line Olive + M, is just another day on the job. As the creator of Movers + Makers, a blog that celebrates Austin business owners, Lauron is continuously inspired by the women she interviews.

A part-time blogger and part-time freelance writer, Lauron decided to start Movers + Makers after dipping her toes into tech-focused public relations.

“I started blogging for the company I was working for,” Lauron recalls. “I realized I really enjoyed it but still felt unsure if digital marketing was the career I wanted to pursue.”

She began by getting back to writing, something she had always enjoyed as a child, and thinking about the careers of women she admired.

“I was always interested in others’ career paths,” Lauron says. “I thought, ‘Why don’t I talk to these women and see how they got their start?’ ”

In May 2017, Movers + Makers launched. It’s a site that celebrates female entrepreneurs and places a spotlight on the incredible accomplishments of Austin women. The blog acts as a place for storytelling and discovery, and Lauron has learned many lessons along the way.

“Some people have a very traditional career path and for others, it just happens,” Lauron says. “It’s been very inspiring for me.”

A native Austinite, Lauron loved growing up in a community that truly honors creative entrepreneurs, something that is evident in how many small businesses there are.

“The Austin community is supportive, community-driven and everyone feeds off of everyone’s creative energy,” Lauron says. “There are so many events and markets that bring small businesses together. They never feel alone and always have someone to turn to.”

While Lauron has interviewed many women thus far, she always has a running interview wish list. She recently interviewed Hayley Swindell, president and founder of The Refinery, and Christine Zangrilli of rentals company Party at the Moontower.

“I’m always looking for women to feature,” Lauron says. “I turn to Instagram a lot, then reach out to people throughout the month. Right now, it’s part time, but come 2018, I’d like to make this my full-time role.”

When Lauron is not working on Movers + Makers, she turns to reading, writing and looking at what other blogs are producing, something that ignites her creativity.

As Movers + Makers continues to grow, Lauron is excited for what the future holds. In January, she will hold her first event at Reverly, where she will once again interview Antonelli.

“She was one of the first people I had on the website,” Lauron recalls. “I’m excited for the event. It’ll be in a more intimate setting and people will be able to get a better feel of what my blog is about.”


Lessons From Sam Lauron

  1. Go with the flow. “From these women, I’ve learned the importance of going with the flow,” Lauron says. “You will have a plan, but you need to just go with it when it doesn’t work out and not stress out when things don’t go your way.”
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. “Lean on others who can help you,” Lauron says. “You don’t have to do it all alone.”
  3. Never give up. “Many of the women I’ve interviewed never stop working,” Lauron says. “They’re all in.”

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