We’re excited to welcome Sam Pitkin, Megan Weddle and Lauren Frank to our team.

Photos courtesy of Sam Pitkin, Megan Weddle and Lauren Frank

There are a few new faces at Austin Woman. This summer, we were excited to welcome Sam Pitkin, Megan Weddle and Lauren Frank to our team and are confident they will be invaluable in our mission of celebrating Austin women. We’re handing over the mic so they can introduce themselves since we know you’ll love them as much as we do.

Sam Pitkin

Sam Pitkin | Marketing and Events Manager

On my reading list: I’m always on the go or busy doing something else, so I’ve been really into podcasts lately. I get my celebrity gossip from Chicks in the Office, my news from The Daily and my health and beauty advice from The Skinny Confidential.   

My Austin woman crush: Cover woman Rachel Hollis. I love her podcasts and how inspiring she is. Plus, I wish I had her hair. 

My favorite spot in Austin: Being that I’m still fairly new to Austin, I can’t say I’ve nailed down a “favorite” spot yet but I really enjoy listening to live music on Rainy Street. 

My go-to coffee-shop order: Now that it’s technically fall, I can proudly say I’m a pumpkin-spice latte gal. 

What makes me feel powerful: I love going to the gym before work in the morning. It’s so nice to start the day feeling strong and accomplished. 

What it means to be an Austin woman: It means always sweating, no matter where I go, working “y’all” into every conversation and arguing about which place has the best breakfast tacos. But in all seriousness, being an Austin woman means being a part of a community of strong, motivated and inspiring women. I’m so lucky to be an Austin woman. 

Megan Weddle

Megan Weddle | Account Executive 

On my reading list: How to Be an Adult in Relationships – The Five Keys to Mindful Loving  by David Richo, and Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones  by James Clear 

My Austin woman crush: It’s a tie between Karyn Scott and Lauren Bucherie. 

My favorite spot in Austin: ACL Live or the Pennybacker Bridge. 

My go-to coffee-shop order: Apple passion tea, which is passion tea with apple juice instead of water. 

What makes me feel powerful: I feel most powerful when I set out to accomplish something I have no prior experience doing and achieve it. 

What it means to be an Austin woman: An Austin woman is a lover of live music, nature, people-watching and new adventures. 

Lauren Frank

Lauren Frank | Sales and Production Coordinator 

On my reading list: I am reading the original It and I just started the second book in The Godfather series, The Sicilian. I love reading books based on classic movies. It really adds a whole different level of depth to the overall plot of the films. 

My Austin woman crush: Gigi Edwards Bryant. I had the pleasure of hearing her and a few other cover women speak at our 17th Anniversary and found myself so inspired by her story. Gigi’s determination, elegance and professionalism is what I aspire to.

My favorite spot in Austin: Jacob’s Well. I love to go on days that aren’t too crowded and I can climb up a high rock and feel the wind in my hair.

My go-to coffee-shop order: Starbucks iced caramel macchiato with extra caramel 

What makes me feel powerful: I feel powerful when I push myself further than I think that I can, whether it be physically or mentally.  

What it means to be an Austin woman: Somebody who is versatile and free-spirited, a lady who can go hiking on Sunday and keep up with Austin’s fast-paced businesses on Monday.


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