The Austin Woman staff and readers share our favorite podcasts.

Madilyn Biscoe, marketing and events manager

Her favorite podcast: Ladygang

Why she loves it: “It’s hosted by three women who are just real and funny. They talk about anything from health to beauty to sex, answering the questions we all have.”

When she listens: “I listen at work, mostly when I’m designing.”

Courtney Runn, assistant editor

Her favorite podcast: The Moth

Why she loves it: “For 21 years, The Moth has given the mic to anyone and everyone who has a story to share. The result is a beautiful collection of hilarious, heart-wrenching, eye-opening and touching stories about the highs and lows of life. From President Barack Obama’s speech writer to veterans to celebrities, you never know who you’ll hear from but they will all make you laugh out loud, cry, smile or all three.

When she listens: “I always listen in the car on the way home.”

Niki Jones, creative director

Her favorite podcast: Reply All

Why she loves it: “A super-interesting podcast about the internet, Reply All goes in depth to find out and explain all the things you probably have been wondering about, like: Is Facebook really spying on you?”

When she listens: “I listen when I’m driving or walking hills in my ‘hood.”

Chantal Rice, managing editor

Her favorite podcast: This American Life

Why she loves it: “While I’ll happily listen to just about any NPR podcast, my go-to pick is This American Life because without fail, it features compelling and captivating stories of all kinds of people doing remarkable and often life-changing things. It’s truly inspiring. That’s no doubt why it’s been so successful for 23 years! Also, you can never go wrong with a host like Ira Glass.”

When she listens: “I usually listen while working out since I can focus on great storytelling instead of how much I hate working out!”

Monika Kelley, account executive

Her favorite podcast: Freakonomics Radio

Why she loves it: “I love learning. As notes, Freakonomics Radio tells you ‘things you always thought you knew but didn’t,’ as well as ‘things you never thought you wanted to know but do.’”

When she listens: “In the car and at home.”

Kip Garvey, CEO

His favorite podcast: Four Minutes With On The Dot

Why he loves it: “It empowers women around the globe through role models, and it’s only four minutes!”

When he listens: “I get this Flash Briefing every morning through Alexa while I get dressed.

Reader picks: 

“The Chase Jarvis Live Show is my new favorite podcast. This is the perfect podcast for creative professionals.”

-Amanda Nicole Chse, @amandanchase

“I am loving Armchair Expert. Every episode makes me just a wee bit smarter. Plus, it’s funny and the guests are amazing.”

-Christina Linnell, @C_Linnell



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