From classics at Tacodeli to unique twists at Dai Due, our staff picked their favorite tacos in Austin.

Photos courtesy of Dai Due, Torchy’s Tacos and Tacodeli 

Courtney Runn, assistant editor

Her favorite taco in Austin:“Wild-boar tacos at Dai Due Taqueria in Fareground.”

What’s in it:“Dai Due offers several variations of their wild-boar taco, but for the more adventurous palate, get the wild-boar pibil, with radish, cilantro, pickled sweet potato and chile pequin.”

What she loves about it: “Fareground, Austin’s new downtown food hall, has endless options from some of the city’s most popular eateries, but my favorite choice is a wild-boar taco from Dai Due. It’s the perfect unique spin on the more traditional taco and a gorgeous venue for a quick snack or a lingering lunch.”


Chantal Rice, managing editor

Her favorite taco in Austin:“My favorite taco in Austin is one that doesn’t start as a taco, but as a fantastic plate. It’s the avocado relleno from La Posada, my absolute favorite Tex-Mex spot. I visit so often, I think of the folks there like family.”

What’s in it:“It’s a fresh avocado stuffed with the most mouthwatering shredded chicken, topped with house sauce and Monterey Jack cheese and served with a side of rice and salad. I pile it all into a warm, freshly made flour tortilla and top it with house-made salsa for the best taco ever!”

What she loves about it: “Like everything they serve at La Posada, it is over-the-top scrumptious!”

Madilyn Biscoe, marketing and events manager

Her favorite taco in Austin:“Papas, eggs and cheese with salsa verde from Tacodeli.”

What’s in it: Eggs, cheese and mashed potatoes on a flour tortilla

What she loves about it: “I’m a taco purist. I don’t need the whole kitchen thrown in, and I could eat a breakfast taco at any hour. Mashed potatoes are where it’s at!”

Cynthia Guajardo Shafer, publisher

Her favorite taco in Austin:“Torchy’s Tacos, hands down! Do they make a bad taco? I love them all. If you make me choose one, it would have to be the Democrat.”

What’s in it: Barbacoa, fresh avocado, cotija cheese, cilantro, onions and a lime wedge, served on a fresh corn tortilla with tomatillo sauce

What she loves about it:“It’s so decadent!”


Dominique Prejean LeBlanc, account executive

Her favorite taco in Austin:“My favorite Mexican restaurant is Licha’s Cantina. But I don’t know if I’ve found my favorite taco there yet. I do love Torchy’s! The Democrat is one of my favorites.”

What she loves about it: “It’s simple, fresh and oh so delicious!”


Poonam Patel, operations manager

Her favorite taco in Austin:“My favorite taco in Austin is the lamb barbacoa taco from El Alma.”

What’s in it:“It has habanero-pickled carrots and onions, and the best part is their special green sauce. I have no idea what’s in it, but it’s so good!”

What she loves about it: “It’s an authentic taco. The tortilla is super fresh and fluffy, and it tastes like they made it with love.”


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