Owner and CEO of Primal Pit Paste

By Lauren Jones, Photo by Courtney Runn

Amy Perez is a thriving entrepreneur, mother of four, athlete, trainer and holistic health enthusiast. As a self-taught expert, Perez completed extensive research during the past 20 years on the natural detoxification of the body and has become an ingredient specialist. Her company’s flagship product, Primal Pit Paste, was the result of Perez’s plight to find an effective, nontoxic deodorant for herself and her children. Months of research and kitchen-based DIY experiments resulted in the creation of an all-natural, non-GMO and nontoxic deodorant that actually works for both her family and for her CrossFit community. Perez’s passion to inspire, educate and support others on their own health journeys has turned her DIY home project, which she started for only $100, into a thriving multimillion dollar business.



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