Zoey Banks started her business Little Clay Goods before hitting double digits.

By Sierra Rozen, Photos by Heather Banks

Zoey Banks has sold 400 pairs of earrings through her Etsy shop and in-person sales. She currently boasts more than 500 followers on Instagram, her jewelry has been worn in wedding parties and will soon be sold in stores—and she’s also only 9 years old.

For such a young entrepreneur with impressive numbers, she’s surprisingly nonchalant. A simple DIY-earring experiment with her mom in 2019 sparked a business and, now, Banks divides her time between school, extracurricular activities and jewelry. For many young girls, the business could be the first thing to fall to the wayside but instead, it has become one of her favorite things to do.

Zoey Banks standing against blue wall
Courtesy of Sarah Q Photography

“I enjoy making them. Just making them is the enjoyment of [owning a business]. [For inspiration,] I often look at clothes people wear and think ‘Ooh that’s a pretty color, I could probably make that,” Banks says.

Banks got her ears pierced at 2 1/2 years old and her colorful, patterned designs are quite popular with her elementary-school classmates. She even ended up giving them a friend discount that may or may not be more than half off.

Behind this great businesswoman is a mother who has encouraged her from day one. Both mother and daughter work equally hard to make Little Clay Goods a success and there’s an easy balance between their familial and professional relationship.

Banks is the designer and creative behind the earrings while her mother, Heather Banks, handles the administration and finances.

“[Zoey’s] the creative genius and really good at doing things with her hands. She was just naturally skilled at it. When she made that first pair, it was nothing for her. It just came naturally,” Heather Banks says.

For now, Zoey Banks is focused on doing what she loves, which includes designing with her favorite colors, hot pink and teal. With extra time at home, she’s looking forward to producing even more jewelry. Her designs can currently be found on her Etsy store, Little Clay Goods.



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