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Cultivated Insights | Founder and Behavioral Scientist

Photo by Joi Conti Photography LLC

Tanya Tarr is the founder and president of Cultivated Insights, a learning and development company supporting organizations and executives in adapting to our rapidly changing world. She creates bespoke interactive learning experiences that teach strategic negotiation and leadership skills, which have helped women and underestimated people get paid more while accelerating their career velocity. Tarr also has a passion for helping people conquer burnout through evidence-based frameworks that grow back happy brains. Her methods are informed by studying families of deployed soldiers and helping 65,000 Texas teachers break the burnout doom loop. Her perspective is also shaped by her own 10-year burnout journey in beating Type II pre-diabetes and chronic fatigue. She celebrates her health through avidly practicing Muay Thai kickboxing and meditation. Whether it’s sparring, negotiating complex business situations or just navigating life, she has found that it pays to stay curious, not furious. Let’s curiously adapt, together.



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