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PlusPass | Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Photo by Joi Conti Photography LLC

Shannon Swank is the co-founder and chief marketing officer for PlusPass, a fintech company focused on mobility payment solutions. She moved from Manhattan to Austin in 2005 when her first company was awarded a contract to develop the all-electronic toll system for the Central Texas Mobility Authority. After selling the business in 2012, she co-founded PlusPass and began focusing on payment solutions that make it convenient for everyday and infrequent travelers to pay for their tolls across the country using the PlusPass phone app. Swank also works with retail networks to enable funding of digital payment accounts using cash for the underserved user. She’s a speaker at many industry events including the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association’s 90th annual meeting, which is being held in Austin this year. Swank has a dedicated husband and takes pride in finding balance between raising four kids and furthering her company.




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