Casa Metta | Founder, Interior Designer

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Photo by Joi Conti Photography LLC

Rebekka Glass, founder of Casa Metta, is now garnering the attention of clients across the country, most recently AREA15 in Las Vegas, an immersive art and events space. After finding success in corporate interiors, including multiple award-winning projects with notable design firms, Glass launched her own design studio in 2017 focused on residential, entertainment and hospitality clients. With a passion for transforming spaces through conscious design practices, she approaches each project mindful of how impactful even small details of the physical environment can be. Specializing in bespoke design, from custom joinery and furnishings to commissioned art, Glass collaborates with local artisans, master craftsmen and architects to create a truly personalized approach to design. Currently, Glass is working on an 8000-square-foot luxury home in Houston, a residence in the Austin Proper and a highly anticipated entertainment venue in Austin, among other projects.



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