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Buenos Aires Café, LLC | Co-Owner

Photo by Joi Conti Photography

Reina Morris, chef and founder of Buenos Aires Café, sold her Hill Country Galleria location and decided to join her daughter, Paola Guerrero-Smith, at their Eastside restaurant. The decision was driven by her desire to spend more time with her family and continue pursuing her passion for creating exceptional culinary experiences. The mother-daughter team have elevated their business to new heights by welcoming Sara Montero as their events manager. Montero’s expertise has revolutionized the catering and bakery options, expanding the range of offerings and extending the love and joy beyond the restaurant’s walls. The team is excited to launch their new venture in 2024, Vinos Del Sur, a unique collection of South American, family-owned and boutique wines. This story highlights the significance of pursuing your passion and cherishing time with family. It’s a testament to hard work, dedication and the love for creating extraordinary culinary experiences.



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