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This Empowered Mom Coaching and Consulting | Time Ownership Coach

Morgan Seaman is a respected corporate leader, speaker and certified master coach. As the founder of This Empowered Mom Coaching and Consulting, she leads her clients on a journey to reclaim their time and heal their relationship with themselves through self-compassion, self-advocacy and whole self-care; shedding self-doubt and guilt; and stepping into the power of saying “yes” to themselves. With two daughters and 17-plus years as a leader in the biotech industry, Seaman easily connects with women who feel trapped in their addiction to “busy.” She’s missed important meetings with sick kids at home, missed school events for presentations and lived through loss. Being a mom makes her a better leader, and being a leader makes her a better mom. When she’s not working, you can find her enjoying a run, eating donuts, snuggled on the couch for family movie night or watching reruns of Beverly Hills 90210.




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