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Woman to Watch: Monica Gelinas

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Monica Gelinas offers practical tools, workshops and wellness retreats so you can experience healing, growth, hope and a chance to thrive.

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Monica Gelinas is the founder of New Season New Vision Life Coaching, co-founder of Flourish Lifestyles, a speaker, author and certified practitioner in both positive psychology and self-compassion. Her book, Savor the Day, an interactive journal to inspire gratitude, was published in 2016. She has experience working with people navigating life transitions and coaching them to move forward and embrace a flourishing life. Gelinas shares her powerful story: the desolating struggle with infertility, the shocking divorce factor and her life as a single mom raising quadruplets. The challenges, the surprises, the drama, the heartache, her miraculous courage and ability to survive and surpass make for a dynamite message and incite her passion to empower others. If you have lost hope, feel stuck, are in the midst of a life transition or wondering whether you can go from languishing to flourishing, Gelinas’ practical tools, workshops and wellness retreats provide an opportunity for healing, growth, hope and a chance to thrive.


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