With a motorcycle helmet in one hand and a briefcase in the other, Moira Zinn runs event-management and experiential-marketing agency Powertrip Industries.

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Moira Zinn

For Moira Zinn, it’s not strange to arrive at a board meeting or attend a client meeting with a motorcycle helmet in one hand and a briefcase in the other. Showing up on two wheels is actually a calling card that helps her connect with her Powersports clients. Zinn is the founder of Powertrip Industries, an event-management and experiential-marketing agency that provides turnkey event production. Motorcycles are what got her traction managing events for major vehicle manufacturers. Specializing in live experiences and social interaction, Powertrip Industries creates exceptional consumer experiences for its clients. Zinn and her team use their power for good, making clients’ events shine, regardless of whether their products are on wheels. A perennial voice in the powersports community, Zinn is also a public speaker, master of ceremonies, trainer and frequent radio and podcast guest. With Zinn’s multifaceted skill set and her finger on the pulse of motorcycling, it’s no wonder her two daughters share the same passion for two wheels.



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