Meet Roger Beasley Mazda employees Saundra Fredericks and Monica Juarez. Together, they’re making customer service a priority.

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Roger Beasley Mazda - Saundra Fredericks and Monica Juarez

Saundra Fredericks first found her place in the service industry with her love for motorcycles while working in the service department at Harley-Davidson. Though she still loves motorcycles, she has transitioned her skills to automobiles and moved to Austin, where she is now the service manager for Roger Beasley Mazda Central. She takes pride in her leadership role, makes providing exceptional customer service a priority and loves being a part of such a great family-owned company. Monica Juarez is the assistant office manager for Roger Beasley Imports. Originally from Austin, she has been in the car business for more than 16 years and loves what she does. She recently became a new mom to a beautiful baby girl named Addison, and even as a new mom, she continues to work hard to further her career in the automotive industry and make the people in her life proud.


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