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O&H Consulting | Principal Recruiter / CEO

Photo by Sydney Villa

Michele Olivier is not your typical recruiter. After 20 years in the talent sector, Olivier opened O&H Consulting in 2020 to disrupt the status quo for hiring. Rejecting the traditional (and often tumultuous) relationship dynamic between external recruiters and hiring managers, Olivier provides end-to-end talent acquisition that seamlessly integrates into her clients’ businesses, closely partnering with hiring managers to design the interview process, deliver excellent candidate experience and improve DEI recruiting. In her role as a fractional head of talent/chief people officer, she works closely with executives to establish or refine their approach to people systems, aligning company culture with its mission. Olivier hosts the podcast{Hey, I Want YourJob},where she chats with other industry disruptors about their experiences and what it took to get where they are.



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