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BK Beauty | Founder/CEO

Lisa Jauregui is founder/CEO of BK Beauty, a cosmetics brand that develops vegan, cruelty-free, purpose-driven products. Jauregui launched the brand in 2019, inspired by her daughters Brooklyn and Kate and the message she wanted to teach them around what beauty truly is: Beauty is Kindness. A former MAC cosmetics trainer and makeup artist, Jauregui has built a community through her videos on YouTube teaching women how to use makeup in an easy and attainable way. She has created hundreds of videos that have been viewed by millions of people around the world. BK Beauty is a committed partner and supporter of The Kindness Campaign, giving back a portion of sales to support the nonprofit’s incredible work. Today, BK Beauty is actively expanding its product portfolio to include new beauty tools and makeup products that help make application effortless and inspire creativity, while celebrating beauty inside and out.




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