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Joi Conti Photography, LLC | Professional Photographer

Photo Courtesy of Joi Conti Photography LLC

Joi Conti is a professional photographer of people, brands and organizations. She tells stories with her portraits and events to reveal her client’s inner confidence. She provides her own mobile photo studio experience—camera, lighting and equipment in tow—allowing her to capture the amazing people of the Austin metropolitan area by photographing them both indoors and outdoors. Some of her favorite clients are folks who have never had a professional photo session (and people who think they’re “unphotogenic”) because her goal is to make them feel seen and heard through her work. Additionally, she helps small businesses shine through product, fashion and lifestyle photography, helping them announce their brand values so they can fully connect with their customers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a headshot or an event, a great photo session always boils down to helping people feel comfortable to truly be themselves in front of the camera. So go ahead, get happy!




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