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3 small plates LLC | Executive Chef, Owner, Founder

Photo by Joi Conti Photography

Jen D. Rodriguez is the executive chef and owner of 3 small plates catering, specializing in chef-curated culinary journeys, one plate at a time. The Texas native creates various flavors and cuisines for guests to enjoy Europe’s visual splendor, borrowing inspiration from her European travels, her family’s experiences and her passion for cooking. She discovered this passion as a child while cooking with her grandmother. She has since served a range of Austin community groups as well as chef partnership with Austin Film and Food, You Grill Girl, Taste ofBlack Austin and SXSW Future of Food. In 2021, she received the Woman’s Way Business Award for Culinary and Beverage Arts, and in 2023, she won theProPlayer Foundation BBQ and Boots’ Tasting Table of the Year. Currently, Rodriguez serves as a curator for Future Front Texas and as a co-chair for the Austin Les Dames Escoffier programming committee.



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